"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in the timely resolution of this matter... Based on the information you uncovered, we destroyed the plaintiff's $1,000,000 in future earnings claim and $1,000,000 general damages claim. In summary, your investigation was vital to our defense and we look forward to working with you again in the near future. - Bonnie L. Lutz, Attorney at Law, Klinedinst, Fliehman & McKillop, P.C.

"National Business Investigations, through the direct vision and guidance of Mr. Julian, has fulfilled every assignment in a timely, appropriate and cost efficient manner. NBI consistently exceeds these expected performance standards, always showing initiative, clear thinking and determination.  It is without reservation or qualification that I express my personal and professional support of this business as being a substantial and critical assistance in the resolution of numerous cases. It is my opinion, having developed over the last 17 years from a direct working relationship with NBI, that they have an excellent, professional product, which is a consistent result from this company." - W.O. Robinson,Attorney at Law/Managing Partner, Forge & Robinson

"This letter is written to express our firm's extraordinary degree of satisfaction with, and confidence in, the service provided by National Business Investigations, Inc. ("NBI"). Klinedinst, Fliehman & McKillop has retained NBI for numerous matters over the past approximately 15 years. Throughout the course of our long business relationship, our firm has found NBI to be responsive, flexible, and effective. The company's services are consistently excellent, and Mike Julian's courtroom demeanor is outstanding. While aggressive, the company undertakes its investigations in an ethical, forthright manner. We have found NBI's billing rates to be competitive and appropriate. Moreover, on the few occasions where there were either misunderstandings regarding the scope of an assignment, or questions regarding a particular bill, NBI has handled the issue in a cooperative and responsible manner. On behalf of our entire firm, we enthusiastically recommend NBI's services. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us at any time." - Thomas S. Ingrassia, Chief Financial Officer /  John D. Klinedinst, Cheif Executive Officer

"... the efforts on behalf of my client by your two investigators require recognition and commendation. Pleased extend my congratulations to them for a job well done." - Garrett Kuehn, Attorney at Law, Bradfor & Barthel, LLP

"I have utilized the services of Mike Julian and his company, National Business Investigations, as the investigators for numerous litigated cases over the past 7 years. I have always been satisfied with the results of their investigations and sub rosa surveillance tapes produced. Their investigation reports have been well prepared and professional looking. Their handling of these cases has always been done in a discreet manner. I would recommend the use of Mike Julian and NBI to anyone in need of investigation services." - Dean A. Denison, Esq., Law Offices of Cuff, Robinson & Jones

 (We) cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work on this case. Without NBI's intense investigation, surveillance and relentless research into the dark life of the Plaintiff, this settlement would not have been possible. -Karen Baytosh, Attorney at Law, Bremer, Whyte, Brown and O'Meara

 "Michael is a dependable business manager with multiple skills and talents that lay the foundation for a successful company. He has excellent communication skills and is goal oriented. He is of the highest ethical and moral standards and always lives up to his word. His investigation business is conducted with complete privacy and integrity. Doing business with Michael is efficient and produces results. Michael is always open to new ideas to improve his personal and his company's performance."  - Lou Ellen Ficke, CFO, Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley

 "Michael is a very hard working driven CEO of his own company. His company employs and contracts numerous individuals within the state and around the country to provide investigative and security services to private individuals as well as large corporations. Michael has the utmost integrity and is extremely driven. It has been a pleasure for doing business with him for last four years. - James Houle, CPA

 "Mike is a client who is extremely family and community oriented. He is focused on bringing the best to his clients in the investigation services industry. His success is based upon his honesty, loyalty and desire to provide the best service he can for his clientele." - Steve Reed, Principal, Reed Financial Network

"I would recommend Mike Julian and National Business Investigations without reservation. The standards at which they operate are in keeping with the highest expectations in the industry. Mike personally is a viable asset to the industry and his community."  - Tony Berg, Personal Protection Specialist, Private Investigator

 "I have had the privilege of working with Michael on several highly confidential and time-sensitive projects. He has effectively led his firm to successful and cost efficient results each and every time. He and his staff are a true pleasure to work with, and are professionals of the highest caliber. I can give an unhesitating and unqualified recommendation to them all, but especially to the leadership and vision Michael provides."  - Dave Dolnick, Risk Manager, The Brady Companies

"I worked with Michael Julian's late father, who owned National Business Investigations, in the early 70s. His father was a professional PI and well respected in the PI and legal communities. Michael has developed into that same professional that his father was." - Manny Gonzales, Private Investigator

"Michael is very professional and has provided great results for my company. I also appreciate the fact that he does have inventive, out of the box ideas."  - Judy Sutton, Global Claims Director, Sky Chefs Int'l

"Michael Julian is one of the most well respected private investigators in the industry. His firm is widely known as a result-oriented company that is why the insurance and legal industries come to Michael first. Throughout the industry of his peers, Michael Julian is well respected and enjoys an excellent reputation for honesty, integrity, and dependability." - Susie Wright, Owner, Wright's Typing Company

"Michael and his colleagues at NBI are first rate investigators. From prompt service to their easy-to-use client web site, NBI provides a product that is thorough and transparent. I only wish I had heard of them earlier!"  - Anthony Lowenberg, Attorney at Law, Hermes, Sargent & Bates, LLP

"Mike Julian is detailed orientated, very effective and is highly motivated to do the task at hand. His years of experience and knowledge puts him on the top when you need an investigator. - David Montesano, CSR, Montesano Insurance Agency

"I have worked with Michael for several years. I am always very impressed with how professional and thorough Michael and his company are in every aspect of their business. I would highly recommend National Business Investigations to any company." - Liz Roberts, President, Resource Business Partners, Inc.

"Few men compare to Michael Julian, simply the best in the business." - Rocky Reyna, Personal Protection Specialist, Private Investigator

"My office has engaged the services of Michael D. Julian, CIP, PPS, and his company, National Business Investigations, Inc. ("NBI"), to conduct legal investigations over the past several years. I have been amazed at the information they were able to uncover and the haste in which they have accomplished such tasks. On numerous occasions, NBI was able to locate individuals and/or obtain critical information that became instrumental in the success of my firm's litigation on behalf of our clientele. I highly recommend Mr. Julian and NBI, and cannot imagine navigating the legal system without a company like his to assist me." - John M. Siciliano, Esq., Law Offices of John M. Sciliano, ESQ.