Computer Forensics

82558As part of its corporate investigation services, NBI maintains a state of the art computer laboratory, headed by certified expert and Federal Court designated Special Master, Rick Albee. Our technicians are trained and certified by IACIS, HTCN, EnCE and ACFS, and specialize in electronic and forensic computer data discovery and media examination for all DOS and Windows™; operating systems. Our services provide restoration of hidden, deleted, lost or "trashed" files; data recovery and imaging (including text files, graphical images, e-mail, and URL's), audit and evaluation of evidence.

This service targets discovery of hidden and/or deleted files through byte-by-byte, sector-level examination of hard drives, floppy, compact or digital video disks, and analysis of slack and unallocated disk space.

The latest software components are used to facilitate the most complete computer examination available. These are the same adherents utilized by the FBI, U.S. Customs, U.S. Attorney's offices, and other federal, state, and local public agencies nationwide. Examinations are offered at optional levels, tailoring the scope of the inquiry to the client's needs.

Service Applications:

  • Hard drive imaging, use assessment and auditing
  • Intellectual property disputes and unauthorized computer use
  • Restore hidden, deleted or lost files, images and data
  • File dates: when created, modified, or deleted
  • Internet history tracking, E-mail recovery
  • Expert witness testimony & litigation support
  • MCLE: CA State Bar approved for training in multiple subjects