Labor/Employment Issues

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As a duty to shareholders, employees, and the consumers they serve, your company has a duty to ensure that new hires have represented themselves truthfully, are legal to employ in the United States, and are without prior criminal convictions that could negatively affect your business or the safety of others.

NBI can offer that assurance by conducting a comprehensive background investigation through its corporate private investigators, providing you with a report of findings from the following services:

Pre-Employment Screening:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Residential History
  • Criminal History
  • Civil History
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Financial Stability
  • Driving Record

Workplace Violence Intervention

A program developed to provide support to companies preparing to conduct a hostile termination, which could result in a violent reaction by the terminated employee. Using a multi-disciplined approach, background information of the employee is developed to assess the individual's violence potential. The termination is observed by our agents and Minders are placed within the facility as a precaution. The terminated employee is escorted off company property to ensure that he conducts no adverse activity in the wake of his termination.

In the event of a continuing threat by the terminated employee, safeguards are enacted by performing surveillance of the former employee and/or the company facility and its principals. Full or part time on-site security is also available.

Undercover Operations

A very important tool for businesses suffering from sabotage, illicit drug activity or product loss, use of an undercover operative is time intensive but often reveals multiple problems plaguing an organization. Operatives are selected based on the client's requirements, demography of the employee population and language requirements. The operative is closely managed by our Case Officers so information can be provided to the client regularly. At the conclusion of an undercover operation, one or more investigators interview those who the UC Operative has indicated would have information vital to the successful termination and/or prosecution of the suspected parties.

Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation

In the workplace, a mix of personalities can often set the stage for issues between different sexes, races, social and educational classes. Often, conflict between differing groups can breed counter productivity within the organization and the alienation of one or more of its members will occur. Upon any charge of inappropriate behavior by an employee, the employer has a responsibility to the complaining party, and all employees alike, to investigate the possibility of wrong doing by another.

The lack of inquiry and action by employers in the past has led to liability, resulting in large judgments in favor of the complaining party. NBI staffs Investigators specializing in Human Resources related issues, with years of education, training and experience in the objective investigation of Human Resource related issues within a corporate environment. Whether the allegations are found to be biased and unmerited or it is determined there was inappropriate behavior by a supervisor or co-worker that must be dealt with to avoid future instances, a thorough and objective investigation will be conducted and a comprehensive report of findings provided.

Security Services

MPS Security, a division of National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI), is a full-service security firm currently licensed in California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida focused on physical and asset security using Uniformed Security Officers and Plain Clothes Executive Protection Agents for site security, events, residential and commercial properties, access control, security patrols, loss prevention, fraud detection and undercover officers.

MPS Security specializes in providing high-end security services such as Hostile Termination Protection, Reduction in Workforce Security, Labor Union Unrest and Strike Security, Asset Protection, Personal Protection, Estate Security, Corporate Event Security, and Risk and Threat Management Services throughout the US.

We focus on client outcomes by providing professional Uniformed Security Officers and Plain Clothes Executive Protection Agents that enhance security and safety at residential, retail and workplace environments.  Our trained staff and officers focus on your needs to provide a custom security plan.  We will staff your location with officers and agents that understand the unique nature of your security concerns and vulnerabilities in your home and work environment.  Let us show you how MPS Security can make a difference for you.

MPS Security Areas of Operation

MPS Security provides Uniformed Security in four Western States (California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington), Texas, Colorado and Florida, however through our strategic partnerships we can provide services throughout the United States.  MPS Security also operates internationally for particular services and support.

Though our main operational is based in Southern California and operate heavily in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County, MPS Security maintains uniformed security and executive protection operations in multiple states.  Our corporate headquarters is located in Murrieta, California.  The Murrieta / Temecula area is a growing business and industrial hub of Southern California and allows MPS Security to effectively offer uniformed security coverage to the Southwest Region of the United States for Guard Services, Uniformed Security Officers, Security Guards, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Site Security and Event Security.

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