Asset Investigation

Particularly in legal proceedings, it can be imperative to know how much a person or company is worth—in other words, to have a full accounting of their assets and properties. For example, in trying to win a financial case on a client’s behalf, attorneys sometimes need to know how much the opposing party is actually worth. There are a number of similar scenarios in which it’s critical to accurately catalog assets and quickly recover them—and in these scenarios, an asset investigation service can be incredibly useful.

Simply put, asset inventory and recovery can be exhausting. It is time-consuming, yet requires an unwavering commitment to accuracy and detail. As such, the job is most often handled by seasoned professionals who specialize in this type of work. We invite you to learn more about asset search services as offered by National Business Investigations, Inc.

What an Asset Investigation Entails

An asset investigation involves scrupulously combing through public records to get a feel for the party’s assets and properties. In some cases, there may be hidden assets that must be brought to light and properly disclosed within a legal setting. (Hidden assets are a prevalent problem.) As such, asset location services can entail information-gathering across a range of sources:

  • Business assets
  • Bank accounts
  • Stock portfolios
  • Vehicles and vessels
  • Real estate property

Federal financial investigations also cover corporate filings, judgments, bankruptcies, liens, and more. Our investigatory team can work with you to identify and, if needed, recover assets in any of these categories.

The Role of Asset Investigations

Asset search services can be useful in several select scenarios. These include:

  • Personal injury cases, in which lawyers need to size up the other party’s assets in order to drive a particular monetary settlement. Asset traces can be used in divorce proceedings, too.
  • Companies satisfying their due diligence—for instance, seeking to determine whether a potential employee or investor is financially trustworthy.
  • Individuals who are owed money, and need to legally determine whether the money they are owed can be fully recovered.

Asset search and recovery can also be helpful in the event of suspected fraud—for example, someone refuses to pay what they owe you, claiming they are out of funds, but you doubt the veracity of this claim. A fraud investigation service can be critical here.

Knowing the Boundaries of Asset Investigations

It is important to note that there are sometimes limits to the asset investigation and recovery process. For example, while it is legally permissible to uncover the existence of a subject’s accounts at a public financial institution, it may be an invasion of privacy to inquire into the specific contents of these financial accounts.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to work with professional asset location services; a legal investigator, like those at NBI, know what’s permissible and what’s not when conducting these searches.

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Asset Investigation Expertise from National Business Investigations

As you seek a company that can perform asset searches on your behalf, ensuring this kind of legal know-how is crucial. Reputability is also key: This is a field where scams are a major worry, and you only want to entrust your asset investigation needs to qualified professionals with superlative track records.

National Business Investigations has been a family-owned and operated, specialized investigation company since 1967, and in that time,  we’ve performed asset traces for countless legal teams, companies, and individuals. We are appropriately licensed and well-equipped to do detailed, thorough, and professional work on your behalf. And, we are pleased to work on a wide range of cases; none are too big nor too small for our team.

With our combination of experience and resources, NBI can help with any of your asset search and business background investigation needs. Learn more by contacting us today.

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NBI employs highly skilled investigators in California, Nevada, and Florida.  We operate heavily in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County and maintain a network of investigators throughout California, Nevada, and Florida.  Our main corporate office is located in Murrieta, California.  The Murrieta and Temecula areas are growing business and industrial hubs of Southern California and allows NBI to effectively offer investigative services to the Southwest Region of the United States.

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Security Services

MPS Security, a division of National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI), is a full-service security firm currently licensed in California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida focused on physical and asset security using Uniformed Security Officers and Plain Clothes Executive Protection Agents for site security, events, residential and commercial properties, access control, security patrols, loss prevention, fraud detection and undercover officers.

MPS Security specializes in providing high-end security services such as Hostile Termination Protection, Reduction in Workforce Security, Labor Union Unrest and Strike Security, Asset Protection, Personal Protection, Estate Security, Corporate Event Security, and Risk and Threat Management Services throughout the US.

We focus on client outcomes by providing professional Uniformed Security Officers and Plain Clothes Executive Protection Agents that enhance security and safety at residential, retail and workplace environments.  Our trained staff and officers focus on your needs to provide a custom security plan.  We will staff your location with officers and agents that understand the unique nature of your security concerns and vulnerabilities in your home and work environment.  Let us show you how MPS Security can make a difference for you.

MPS Security Areas of Operation

MPS Security provides Uniformed Security in four Western States (California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington), Texas, Colorado and Florida, however through our strategic partnerships we can provide services throughout the United States.  MPS Security also operates internationally for particular services and support.

Though our main operational is based in Southern California and operate heavily in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County, MPS Security maintains uniformed security and executive protection operations in multiple states.  Our corporate headquarters is located in Murrieta, California.  The Murrieta / Temecula area is a growing business and industrial hub of Southern California and allows MPS Security to effectively offer uniformed security coverage to the Southwest Region of the United States for Guard Services, Uniformed Security Officers, Security Guards, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Site Security and Event Security.

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