Investigation Process

National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI) takes pride in the fact that our case management workflow is efficient and produces quality results.  All investigations are managed by our Investigations Case Manager.  Our process and workflow ensures that your investigation is handled quickly and efficiently to produce the highest quality results in the industry.  By managing the process, investigations can be expedited efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the work.

NBI Workflow Process

  • Assignment is received via online request through our virtual case management system or by email, fax, or phone from the adjuster.
  • Case is entered into our virtual case management system and assigned to an investigator within 24 hours of receipt unless it is a RUSH, in which the case is entered and assigned the same day. A due date is assigned to the case. Upon being entered as a new assignment in our system, the client receives an email notifying them that the assignment has been received and assigned a case number and grant them full access to the investigation through our secure web site At the same time, the field investigator is notified of a new assignment and they must confirm receipt within four hours or an alert will be sent to the Investigations Case Manager for follow up.
  • The Investigations Case Manager or the field investigator contacts the client for additional information and/or strategy conference if necessary.
  • Investigators have specific guidelines as to how soon a new assignment must be started so the Investigations Case Manager schedules accordingly for the following:
    • A standard surveillance must be initiated within five work days of assignment; unless directed otherwise by the client.
    • A RUSH surveillance must be initiated within 48 hours of the assignment; or same day if directed by the client.
    • An AOE/COE investigation must be initiated within 24 hours of the assignment unless directed otherwise by the client.
    • Locates / Interviews / Statements / Scene Investigations / Service of Process / Research / Activity Checks are initiated within five work days (unless given a RUSH status).
    • Background Investigations or Public Records Research are initiated within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The Investigation is conducted and verbal and/or email updates are entered into the system and provided to the client daily. For surveillance, an attempt to ascertain the subject's presence at their suspected location within three hours of initiation is made and if it is not possible the client is contacted for a directive, unless previously directed otherwise.
  • All cases are completed within 14 days. If it is not possible to complete an assignment within the time-limit specified due to weather, lack of cooperation from witnesses/subject, or extenuating factors otherwise out of our control, client authorization for additional time, extending the original due date, is requested.
  • Immediately upon completion of assignment, the investigator submits a report, it is uploaded into our system and a notification of completion and a copy of the report (in Microsoft Word format) is emailed to the client. The client can then login and view the report and all exhibits (including: audio, video, still photos and documents) securely from any computer with internet access using their designated username and password.
  • All investigations are conducted with multiple levels of oversight beginning with the Investigative Case Manager, Director of Operations, and President/CEO. Comprehensive case reviews are conducted weekly and all reports are proofed by at least two sets of eyes before a final copy is submitted to the client.

This process has been developed and refined over the past 45 years and we feel that it is one of the reasons for our continuing success.  Clients are confident that when they give us a case, NBI has processes in place to ensure efficiency and quality.