Pre-Employment Screening Tips for Your Business

Pre-Employment Screening Tips for Your Business

Good employees can be hard to find. Every company needs reliable and trustworthy people in order for it to grow, yet acquiring those people can require extensive searching. One way that companies prioritize that search is to invest in rigorous pre-employment screenings, helping ensure they’re looking at qualified applicants before the hiring process advances too far.


But how can you ensure that your company’s pre-employment screening process is an effective one? Here are a few tips from National Business Investigations, a leading provider of pre-employment screening services in California and beyond.


It All Starts In-House

Before you can effectively scrutinize potential employees, it’s important to do a little self-inventory—ensuring that your own HR department is well-equipped for the pre-employment screening process.


Note that, if your pre-employment screening processes violate local or federal laws, your company could get fined—and in some cases, your company could even get shut down.


Be extra certain that any pre-employment screening you do complies with the law. Read up on pertinent statutes and speak with an employment lawyer who can advise you on setting up your pre-employment screening program.


Check the Right Things

To make your pre-employment screening process effective, you’ve got to know what to check—and what not to check.


Here are a few things you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on, all of which can help you identify potential red flags early in the hiring process: credit history, educational background, employment verification, absence or presence of a criminal history, licensing and certification records (for jobs like engineers or accountants, for example), and driving records.


In some cases, it might be beneficial to check the applicant’s social media history, as well, just to get a feel for their personality—but remember that you don’t want to run afoul or privacy concerns, so always tread lightly here.


Do the Screenings Right

A final warning: Despite having a solid pre-employment screening plan, some companies still tend to mess up because they overlook certain aspects of the process, which can lead to hiring the wrong person for the job, or else to running into some of those legal problems we mentioned above.

One thing that’s key is consistency. Run checks on applicants at all level, including temps and part-timers, and don’t make any exceptions or offer any special treatment. When it comes to screening employees, you’ve got to avoid even the appearance of favoritism.

And, be vigilant about ensuring up-to-date legal compliance. This means staying on top of the latest ordinances from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Even one point off of the EEOC’s recommendations can leave a black mark on the company’s reputation.

As you seek to get your pre-employment screening right, consider working with trained professionals who can help you be efficient and effective. National Business Investigations is a well-known provider of pre-employment screening services in California and beyond. We’d love to talk with you more about what a legally-compliant screening program could look like at your business. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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