What’s a Domestic Investigation?

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Trust plays a central role in maintaining any relationship, and a strong sense of trust can keep the relationship going for decades. And yet, a single breach of trust can lead to a serious falling out, effectively squandering years of goodwill.


Of course, one way in which trust evaporates is with the suspicion of marital infidelity. Thinking your partner has been unfaithfaul can eat away at you, and corrode your relationship—but how can you confirm or deny these suspicions? Proving marital infidelity can be a daunting task, sometimes bordering on the impossible.


That’s where domestic investigations come into play. If you have  serious concern that your partner has been unfaithful, a domestic investigation can help you produce the salient facts to either verify or disprove your fears.


Defining Domestic Investigations

A domestic investigation involves carefully scrutinizing the behavior of your partner, looking for possible signs of unfaithfulness. Sometimes, individuals will mount domestic investigations themselves; more frequently, they will hire professional investigators to handle the job.


When you hire an investigator to look into your spouse, you’re asking for the truth to be revealed—something that may involve a number of investigative means, including:


The bottom line: If you are concerned that your partner is cheating on you, and if you can’t rest until you know for sure what’s happening, then enlisting a private investigator to run a domestic investigation may be the right step for you.


Why Hire a Professional Investigator?

There are a number of benefits that come with hiring a professional to handle your domestic investigation. Consider:

  • When you hire a company like National Business Investigations, you can be sure that all evidence is obtained legally.
  • Professional investigators will be able to locate sensitive information, not generally available to the public.
  • An investigator with ample domestic experience will know the best ways to quickly find the information you seek.
  • A professional investigator will be highly discreet in handling the information they uncover, ensuring that it’s for your eyes only.


When you hire a professional investigator, you can be certain that a thorough search is being made, and that the results are trustworthy and accurate.


Domestic investigations can bring you peace of mind, but of course, they can also come with some blowback; it’s important to take them seriously and to proceed with caution, lest you be the one who causes the trust in your relationship to crumble.


To learn more about the prudent approach to domestic investigations, contact the team at National Business Investigations today. We specialize in domestic investigations in California and beyond.