About National Business Investigations

Our President

97611Michael Julian, CPI, PPS

Michael trained under his father and founder of National Business Investigations, Ron Julian, becoming involved in the family business at a young age, assisting his father in many forms of investigations. He majored in Administration of Justice in college where he was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Order for academic achievement.

Michael began working full time for NBI in 1990, specializing in surveillance operations. He continued his education by completing the reserve law enforcement academy presented by the California Department of Justice, and studying advanced surveillance techniques offered by the National Association of Investigative Specialists.

Michael joined the California Association of Licensed Investigators ( CALI ) in 1995 and regularly teaches continuing education courses offered by the association. He is a former District Governor of CALI , has served on the Legislation and Technology Committees, Education & Training Task Force, Board of Directors as the Vice President of Administrative Services for five terms and was elected President for the 2012-2013 term.

Besides CALI, Michael is currently a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services, the World Association of Detectives and the Southern California Fraud Investigators Association. Michael is one of less than 150 Certified Professional Investigators (CPI) in California.

To meet the recent increase in demand for executive level and facility security services, MINDERS Protective Services was established as a division of NBI in 2003 and re-branded as MPS Security in 2010. MPS has provided executive level protection to celebrities such as Martin Sheen, John Spencer, William Shatner, Sean Astin, Francis Fisher, Patrick Stewart, Stephanie Powers, Louis Gossett Jr., Lou Rawls, Isaac Hayes and Natasha Henstridge.

Our Founder

photo-founderRon Julian

Ron Julian began working in Law Enforcement at the age of 21.  In 1967, he left public service and opened the first office of National Business Investigations (NBI) in Fullerton, CA.  After building a broad client base of large companies, municipalities and wealthy private citizens, NBI grew to become one of the more high profile PI companies in California, and himself a well-known and highly regarded professional.  Mr. Julian dedicated much of his life to protecting the rights of others and was passionate about fighting for what he believed was right. Ron Julian passed away on November 10th, 1997 at the young age of 57 years old.

 Our Evolution

nbi_faviconNational Business Investigations was founded in 1967 in Fullerton California by Ron Julian, a former law enforcement officer and father of the current president.  The name was changed to National Business Investigations, Inc. in 1999 when the company incorporated.

NBI has been conducting insurance related investigations, including workers' compensation, general liability, long term disability and subrogation, for over 40 years.  NBI provides insurance defense support to self-insured, self-administered, co-op self-insured, third party administrators and large insurance companies such as counties and cities (including their law enforcement agencies) hospital and school districts, the manufacturing and warehousing industry, development, construction, travel and leisure industry, property management, sanitation and maintenance industry, and public utility and transit districts. Through successful defense and subrogation, NBI has been credited with saving its clients several hundred million dollars over the past 40 years.

National Business Investigations, Inc. - Areas of Operation

National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI) provides investigative services in California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Texas Arizona and Florida.  However, through our strategic partnerships we can provide services throughout the United States.  NBI also operates internationally for particular services and support.

NBI employs highly skilled investigators in California, Nevada, and Florida.  We operate heavily in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County and maintain a network of investigators throughout California, Nevada, and Florida.  Our main corporate office is located in Murrieta, California.  The Murrieta and Temecula areas are growing business and industrial hubs of Southern California and allows NBI to effectively offer investigative services to the Southwest Region of the United States.

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CA PI Lic # 21463 | NV PI Lic # 1383 | FL PI Lic # A1200285

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