Corporate Services

Executive Level Background Investigations

82556Hiring a corporate executive can be an expensive mistake if the wrong person is hired.   National Business Investigations provides due-diligence background investigations for all levels of employment, including C-Level Executives.  Our access to information sources and skilled investigators can assist your Executive Search Team in preparing personnel portfolios to present to Executive Boards, allowing you to properly gauge your candidates and narrow down the best people for the job.

Business Intelligence and Criminal Investigations

82560National Business Investigations can work with HR staff, Risk Managers and Security Directors to develop counter-espionage strategies or investigate an ongoing situation.  We can also provide undercover services to identify fraud, theft, intellectual property theft, etc within a company setting.  Our experience and expertise allows us to develop plans and strategies based on experience and best practices, helping companies protect their intellectual property and ensuring that any perpetrators can be promptly caught.

  • Technological Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) -
    • RF, Video, Infrared and Laser eavesdrop device detection
  • Spyware, Hacker and Intrusion detection
  • Undercover Operations
  • Internal Theft
  • External Theft
  • Drug Use and Distribution
  • Embezzlement

Computer Forensics

82558National Business Investigations has access to the most current tools, resources and specialists to perform computer forensic analysis for civil, criminal investigations or for HR investigations.

  • Hard drive imaging, use assessment and auditing
  • Intellectual property disputes and unauthorized computer use
  • Restore hidden, deleted or lost files, images and data
  • File dates: when created, modified, or deleted
  • Internet history tracking, E-mail recovery
  • Expert witness testimony & litigation support

Competitive/Business Intelligence

82559National Business Investigations can help you gather information that is vital for the growth of your business, as well as helping you assess the competition. Get concrete results from our business intelligence specialists to help you make more effective business decisions.

  • Market Research
  • Market Penetration Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Intelligence
  • Industrial Espionage Detection/Intervention


Executive Protection

82663National Business Investigations maintains and separate division (MPS Security) that specializes in Risk Mitigations & Management. MPS Security understands the wide range of risk exposure facing corporations, politicians, organizations and celebrities. Protecting important individuals from unique risks, threats and dangers requires highly skilled protective services.

MPS Security Specialized Services employs highly trained individuals with unique skill sets and traditionally  have a military or law enforcement background. This level of experience and expertise is essential in protecting individuals and groups of individuals from threats and dangers directed at them

  • Corporate Principal Security
  • Board Meeting & Event Security
  • Strike Management and Incident Mitigation
  • Emergency/Disaster Relief Support
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Security
  • Hostile Termination Management
  • Reduction in Force/Layoffs Security

MPS Security - Risk Mitigation & Management