Surveillance is an additional tool that investigators use in the course of obtaining evidence.  Surveillance is conducted when other investigative methods may have failed or cannot obtain pertinent evidence. Surveillance can be "static" or "mobile" and can involve one person or a team. Color video or photographic stills are obtained depicting a course of events to be used as evidence in a civil or criminal action, hearing, or for any other managed dispute resolution. Surveillance can be used in virtually any investigation; however, it is the quality and experience of the investigator that makes the ultimate difference in value of evidence obtained.

National Business Investigations (NBI) has been providing investigative and surveillance services for over 45 years.  Our experienced investigators work discreetly and efficiently to produce evidence for your case.  Our investigators use the highest quality equipment available and most effective tactics that have been developed over the past 45 years.  As an leader in the Investigations Industry, National Business Investigations holds ourselves to the highest ethical standards so you can feel confident that the evidence obtained by our investigators is trustworthy and legally acceptable.

Worker's Compensation (Sub-Rosa) - Used by insurance examiners and defense attorneys to evaluate the validity of a work related injury claim. Subrosa is often used to confirm the validity of a claim or combat claimant fraud.

General Liability - Surveillance aids in determining the level of injury/incapacitation of a claimant to assist the insurance examiner or their defense council in analyzing the validity of a claim, and potentially to impeach testimony by the claimant/plaintiff at trial.

Child Safety / Visitation Monitoring - Occasionally, surveillance is conducted in the course of a non-custodial parental visitation to determine whether the parent is acting in a manner consistent with court mandate.

Domestic Surveillance - Designed to obtain photographic/video evidence of spouses involved in extra-marital activity

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National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI) provides investigative services in California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Texas Arizona and Florida.  However, through our strategic partnerships we can provide services throughout the United States.  NBI also operates internationally for particular services and support.

NBI employs highly skilled investigators in California, Nevada, and Florida.  We operate heavily in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County and maintain a network of investigators throughout California, Nevada, and Florida.  Our main corporate office is located in Murrieta, California.  The Murrieta and Temecula areas are growing business and industrial hubs of Southern California and allows NBI to effectively offer investigative services to the Southwest Region of the United States.

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