How to Handle Employee Background Checks

How to Handle Employee Background Checks

By Michael Julian | May 21, 2018

In order to hire the right people, and maintain a culture of integrity at your business, it’s important to do some vetting. Each new employee should receive a thorough background check before they’re officially brought into the fold—a background check that might encompass criminal history, as well as potential financial red flags.   Conducting employee…

Pre-Employment Screening Tips for Your Business

Pre-Employment Screening Tips for Your Business

By Michael Julian | May 10, 2018

Good employees can be hard to find. Every company needs reliable and trustworthy people in order for it to grow, yet acquiring those people can require extensive searching. One way that companies prioritize that search is to invest in rigorous pre-employment screenings, helping ensure they’re looking at qualified applicants before the hiring process advances too…

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Pre-Screening Employees: Here’s What to Know

By Michael Julian | May 3, 2018

Your company is only as good as its employees—and locating the best employees can be challenging. It’s not enough to find someone who is technically skilled and competent, though that’s obviously valuable. It’s also important to find employees who provide a good cultural fit—and that surely means employees who possess great honesty and personal integrity.…

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What’s a Domestic Investigation?

By Michael Julian | April 27, 2018

Trust plays a central role in maintaining any relationship, and a strong sense of trust can keep the relationship going for decades. And yet, a single breach of trust can lead to a serious falling out, effectively squandering years of goodwill.   Of course, one way in which trust evaporates is with the suspicion of…

Differentiating Competitive Intelligence And Corporate Espionage

Differentiating Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Espionage

By Michael Julian | April 23, 2018

Companies always enact measures to maintain their competitive edge in the market. One way in which successful companies try to stay on top is to practice competitive intelligence—a perfectly legal practice that encourages healthy competition. Yet in some instances, the legal line is crossed, all in the name of profit and advantage—turning the competitive intelligence…